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Catholic Schools Alumni Network

It is the goal of the Catholic Schools of Broome County to have a comprehensive network of alumni who can be a support system for their fellow alumni, current students, and their alma mater. Keeping a running dialogue between alumni and the Catholic Schools of Broome County can be extremely beneficial to the advancement of the school system.

There are various benefits to alumni, whether it is the chance to contact an old friend, attend a reunion, or participate in an annual golf tournament. It is important to the school to build lifelong relations with those who have passed through it, and continue to strengthen the already solid network of men and women who have made the Catholic Schools of Broome County an important part of their lives.

Our alumni stretch across five high schools over one hundred years. The alumni database contains information for over nine thousand members, so naturally many of our records are incomplete. We lose contact with many of our alumni who move, change names, or just change their telephone numbers or email address. Please click here to update your record.

The alumni contact feature is a way for alumni to keep in touch with the school and each other. After the database is updated, alumni will receive newsletters or notices for events without having to call the Alumni Office. Privacy is extremely important, and each alumnus has the option to control what information can be seen by fellow graduates, and who has access to their profile. No information is available to anyone outside the system, and information can be made as private as desired.



Posted on 10/20/2017

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