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October 2018 Scrip Form

Please note this change: Checks must be payable to

 Catholic Schools of Broome County



Do you shop at…  Weis?  CVS?  Kohl’s?  Old Navy?  JCPenney?  Target?  TJ Maxx?  Walmart?   Barnes & Noble?  Lowe’s?  Kohls?     

Do you eat at…   Applebees?  Olive Garden?  Red Lobster?  Wendy’s? Texas Roadhouse?  Subway?  Little Venice?  Number 5? Outback?  Lampy’s?  Burger King?  Panera Bread?    

How about coffee at Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks?

If you answered yes to any of the above, do you buy scrip?  If you do, woohoo!  You’ve figured it out!  If you don’t, do you realize that these companies, plus many more, are offering to give you money to pay your tuition?!? 

With  Lands End as the official uniform supplier for the school wide system, it's time to ask yourselves..."why wouldn't I let them help pay my tuition for next year?"  Take a look at the order form, I am sure there are many vendors you frequent, let them help you as well. 

To put your mind at ease, the program is in its 26th year...why do you think it has been around so long....it works!!  I would urge you all to take a serious look at the program to see how it can benefit your family. We place orders monthly as well as a summer order.


Lower your Tuition with the SCRIP Program!   Here's how it works!           

What Is SCRIP?

SCRIP is a term that means “substitute money”.  When you purchase SCRIP, you’re purchasing gift certificates and gift cards to use just like cash.  These cards and certificates look JUST like the ones you would buy in these stores, but you can save yourself the drive and buy them through the school.  Better yet, don’t just buy these cards for gifts! -- use these cards, or SCRIP, to purchase everyday items like food, clothing, office supplies, and other essentials.  Every card you purchase helps you reduce your tuition for the following school year. Your saving are subtracted directly from your tuition bill!!!

You are not the only person who can order SCRIP for your family, you can get orders from family, friends, and co-workers.   Also, you get dollar for dollar what you purchase.  If you want a $25 gift card, you pay $25 for it!  There are no extra hidden costs!

How does the SCRIP Program help me save on next year's tuition?

Order your SCRIP gift cards and certificates through the school and pay full face value for them.  The school is able to buy SCRIP from an assortment of local businesses and a large variety of nationwide retailers through the Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount.  The discount, which varies from 1.5% to 20% percent, is returned to you in the form of tuition credit for the following school year. For example, for every $25 card you buy with a 10% discount, you save $2.50 off tuition.  It really adds up!  Unfortunately, we can only purchase what you order, so we rarely have extra SCRIP on-hand to sell.

 What do the Catholic Schools of Broome County do with the funds you accumulate?

We give it back to you!!!  We keep track of the funds you personally generate from each SCRIP order during the 2018-2019 school year and offer it back to you as tuition credit for your child for the following school year (2019-2020).  The amount offered is equal to the amount generated by orders placed in your family’s name and is subtracted right off your tuition bill!  Therefore, these businesses help pay your tuition – how can you not take advantage of this? 

How do I order SCRIP?
In each monthly newsletter or email blast, you will find a SCRIP form for the next order.  Please have the orders with payment in the school office by noon on the due date.  The rest is up to me!  Your SCRIP order is returned to you at school within 10 days.  If you are having difficulties getting the order to the school office on the due date, please give me a call and we can make alternate arrangements.  The order due dates for

2018-2019 school year are: 

Tuesday, September 11

Tuesday, February 5

Tuesday, October 2 

Tuesday, March 5

Tuesday, October 30

Tuesday, April 2

Tuesday, November 27

Tuesday, April 30

Tuesday, January 8

Tuesday, May 8

Most years, we place an order once during the summer in late July; date to be announced later.

Please note: The vendors listed on our order form are those available in our area.  Many other retailers from across the country are available through our program.  If you would like to order SCRIP not listed on our form, go to www.glscrip.com for a complete list.  Use the blank lines on the back of the SCRIP form to fill in information for retailers not our list.  Retailers (and their profits) on the SCRIP list are subject to change at any time and without notice.  Bonus discounts are common during holidays and back-to-school times!  If a retailer you have ordered becomes unavailable, you will be notified. You will always receive the current profit on the day SCRIP is ordered. 

The easiest way to see how it works is to place an order!  You’ll quickly see how easy it is to lower your tuition!  If you have questions, please give me a call!

Denise Anderson  ~  St. James SCRIP Coordinator